Sunday, March 8, 2015

Feeling Sunny Again #autism #depression

I thought that I might do a little update about how things are going since some of my recent posts about Beans' struggles ( HERE and HERE) things have improved, as well as other issues I've spoken about here, and on my FB page.

I am happy to report that with a med change Beans is doing very well. He is sleeping through the night, and not agitated all day like he was. It was a scary transition from okay to not okay, and back to okay again. I know that at times this is part of what living with autism is like. I wish that there was more support, and resources for when these times happen for us, and families like us, but I feel incredibly lucky to be back to a peaceful calm period.

I also am happy to tell you all that my recent trial of antidepressants has been wildly successful. I really regret waiting as long as I did to try it. I feel so much better, and am able to enjoy life again. It's like night, and day, and it's not even been a whole entire month since I started them. I think Spring coming around the corner is also helpful, but even on our recent gloomy snow days I have been in a good mood.

I don't think I mentioned it much on my page, but Bubby had also been struggling with a lot of tears, and oversensitivity the last few months.
It had gotten to the point where if anyone even so much as looked at him sideways he crumbled. He was spending part of everyday crying, and feeling just attacked by the world. We tried changing everything around to see  if there were any triggers that were making things worse for him. Nothing we tried environmentally made a difference. He has never been on any psych meds before, and I was so hesitant to start now, but his mood was so down, and anxious so much his quality of life was beginning to suffer. He started on a small dose of antidepressant for depression, and anxiety, and the results have been amazing. No more sulking, and crumbling over the smallest of incidents. His teacher says there hasn't been any issues at school for a long time. He used to cry at least once a day at school, as well as get irritated at the other kids for talking during class. Now he is able to handle some of the frustrations life presents. I am happy for him.

I think that sometimes I waited too long to try meds for all of my kids, even CJ. Even for myself. I really dislike any of us being on them, but sometimes it is necessary for one's well being to try meds. I guess it is good to be cautious, but not overly so.

So, that is my good news update. Things are sunny again. :)


  1. So happy to hear things are going well! I so agree with your mentalities in this post and am so relieved that there has been respite:)


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