Wednesday, September 4, 2013

#Autism Mom Mcjudgypants

This is one of those posts. If you're a writer you know which kind I mean. Those posts where you begin, and erase, and begin again. You feel the words, but they remain elusive, just out of reach..... You know what you want to say, but can never manage to really convey it. The words you write don't do your thoughts justice, so you erase them, and stare at a blank page, and blinking cursor, until it's time to do something else. This has gone on for months with this post.

I think I have touched on the issue quite a bit about parentingkindness, and what we can gain from not being so judgmental. I talk about it quite a bit on my page, too. I know it's not a novel concept, yet I want to bring this topic up again in the context of special needs parents speaking to other special needs parents. (Sorry, I don't use person first language).

What does this interaction usually look like?-You may ask.

Well, it usually goes something like this:

Scenario One:
Usually, a topic is brought up by parent 1. Parent 1 may be asking for help, or may just have mentioned a certain topic of discussion, but either way parent 2 has heard, and has some advice to offer. They offer it, even if it's completely not useful to parent 1. If they are pushy, they will insist that it works, and ask a bunch of questions about why it won't work. Now, this is where I get flustered. Usually, I can just thank the advice giver, and be on my way, but if they are insistent, then that is much harder. I am not good with being evasive. I always respond with long detailed answers that will usually make parent 2 try to come up with reasons why their way can work despite all of those things.

With this scenario I feel kind of defensive, and almost like I am being attacked. I feel like it is obvious from what they are telling me that my child's autism is not the same as their child's.