Thursday, June 9, 2011

Solutions to disabled abuse of power

Solutions To Disbaled Abuse Of Power
This is an excellent article about empathy (oh the irony of an aspie speaking of lack of other's empathy lol) and the lack of it in the caring for disabled individuals as well as in journalism.  I often avoid reading stories like the one that is referenced in the article due to the horrible anxiety and emotional upset that I am left with.  Not to mention, the paranoia that I feel about how other people are treating my kids when I'm not around.  I am always left with this extreme sense of social injustice, and blind anger.  My inner vigilante wants to hunt the people down that are responsible for the atrocities and harm them.  This is unlike me to think of harming others, but I get so frustrated when I hear of these things.  Well, this article shares some SOLUTIONS, yes, that's right, some real solutions and real resources to help stamp out the secrecy that these abuses depend on to keep happening.  Action, as well as knowledge is what will help alleviate these sorts of harmful places where our most vulnerable of society resides.  It's time to stand up, even if it means facing consequences yourself, and expose these people.  Let's not let this keep happening.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Early Bird

Well, here I am up before the sun again.  Sigh.  Sleep deprivation has to rate among the things that i will willingly admit I dislike about being a mom of an autistic child.  Beans thinks it's okay to awaken at all hours and is full on ready to get his day on sometimes at 3:30 AM.  Today it was 5:30, so that's not awful.  I wish that I could have slept a good 2 more hours, but that's not what today had in store.  I'm trying to make the most of it by using this time to blog and plan my day. He went straight for his Picture Exchange Cards, undoubtedly looking for the candy PECs that I already took out, as they are not a breakfast choice. lol I am thrilled about the new skill of discriminating his PECs.  He picked saltine crackers for breakfast.  Unusual, but not too far out of a request. He is happily swinging away on the platform swing in the living room yelling "daydum.  mmmmmmmm. shhhhhh  ahhhhhhh mmmmmm."  Those are his happy noises along with high pitched 'eeeeeeee' that he also likes to make at people he likes, especially children.  It often times frightens children, because he will get up to their face nose to nose to screech.  It's his way of saying hi.  People stare.  No doubt, they stare.  I don't often notice, as with my own autistic tendencies I don't notice much about what people around me are doing, nor do I read them or their agenda well.  My husband does, and he says we get many stares and looks.  Some quite nasty, as if to say we shouldn't have even took him out of the house.  Well, we did, and we do, they can just carry their hate and prejudice to someone who cares.  He has every right to be at the store and places like McDonald's.  We work very hard in making sure all of our children are minding manners and being courteous to everyone around us, so any irritation is the fault of the other person's intolerance of difference and not of the fact that either of my boys are being a nuisance.

I love my Beans, though.  He is so cute and sweet I don't mind (too much) about being tired all of the time.