Friday, April 12, 2013

Aspie Negativity

This is a stir the pot kinda post.  You've been warned now. If you're not in the mood for thinking about broad issues, then you might not want to keep reading. If you think you can keep an open mind, then keep reading. If comments get out of hand I will have to moderate them.  Please, don't make me do that by leaving nasty comments. Thank You!

There is this thing that I see happen often among autistic people. As with everything, it's not black, and white.  Not every autistic person does this, and NTs can do it, too, but I find it to be a very, very common trait among autistic people.

Basically, it's not seeing the forest for the trees type of thinking. It's the idea that if one tiny thing is wrong (in their eyes) in a vast quantity of right, the wrong is still worth bringing up, and making a big deal about it.