Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I sit here alone, in a house where all I hear is the tick of my clock on the wall.  Most hours of the day I can't hear that tick. I forget that this level of quiet exists quite often, to tell the truth.  I love to bathe in this silence as I sip coffee in my robe, and go online. It has to be one of my favorite things in life.

Then, the mind traps set in.

I see people doing this, or saying that on Facebook, and elsewhere.  I think, "maybe, I ought to do this, or that?" Except, my brain doesn't leave it at that. Nope. My brain keeps moving forward into Shoulds, and coulds, and judgement-oriented fields of opinion where I am the judge, and the jury, as I sit here thinking with a narrow focus, and seriously jaded views.  This side-line thinking is dangerous territory. I know it has the power to dismantle my self-esteem, and take my mood to full nosedive.  I know this, yet I still find my thoughts creeping to questions like;