Monday, April 1, 2013

New Places &Trying New Things

I thought this might be a good day to bring back some more journal type of blogging. Sometimes, it's nice to blog in a more structured form where there is a clear beginning, middle, and end to the whole piece.  Those kinds are like essays, and they have their place in the blogging world, but then there's something to be said for the freestyle of writing that flows naturally from the writer as if you were having a conversation with them. It's a really authentic way to write, because readers can really feel they know you, and are a part of your everyday life, whereas essays type writing, while passionate, can be a bit colder. Soapbox persuasion is meant to express a particular point of view with a means to explain, or persuade, rather than to just discuss.

So, to kick off autism awareness month I am here to just write about my experiences. I may get an idea in my head later on about a good topic to write about, but right now I am too busy living my life, and doing what I do to really do much more.  Autism awareness is something I engulf myself in everyday.  April is not different in that for me. My page, this blog, and my advocacy at my boy's schools is what I do for autism awareness everyday.  Sharing some social media photos, and wearing blue is not autism awareness to me.  It does not do anything to change the current status of how autism is viewed.

So, here we go... Today, we have an appointment with