Friday, March 8, 2013

#Parenting- Inner #Aspie Style

*I'd just like to do a little preface here to explain that I know that many of the regular methods work for regular kids, but for those of you with ASD, or ADHD  kids that are their own person , you might want to consider what I'm saying if you've had a lot of issues with them being argumentative, or "non-compliant". I hear a lot of times where parents see poor, or even explosive behavior from their AS teen, and think that it came from no where.  Trust me, it didn't. It's the result of frustration accumulating under the surface.  We're very literal, and the language you use matters a lot to us.

Parenting.  It's a wide, and often opinionated topic that can turn even the most civilized of us a defensive state when our own methods are questioned.  We all have our ideas, and we take our ways seriously, and for good reason.  What could be more important, and more serious than bringing a human being into the world that we are responsible for? Contributing to society by being a parent is a big responsibility, and it's no wonder that many parents feel that the way their child turns out is a direct reflection on them, as parents, and as people. That's why the topic of parenting methods tends to become the most heated the quickest.

The other day I asked my my Inner  Aspie  page, this question:

When is it (or is it EVER) ethical for parents to do random checks on their teen's phone (that the parents pays for)? Is it ever okay to read their personal texts?

I was a little taken back by the responses that I received,