Tuesday, November 29, 2011


When I was a child I was watching an interview on TV.  I can't remember what show, or who it was being interviewed, other than it was a rock musician, but otherwise it's elusive.  One thing was said that really struck me and I have remembered it for the last 25 plus years.  The person being interviewed was talking about being a good person and how he comes to the conclusion of what constitutes good behavior, and generates good karma.

He said:
"What if everyone in the world acted like I am right now?  What kind of world would that be? What would society look like?  Would that be a world I'd like to live in?"

I thought that was such a powerful statement.  It was easy to understand and easy to apply.  I must've been about 8 when I heard it and understood exactly what he meant.  Sometimes, if I wanted to do something a little naughty as a child I'd think about what if everyone did that? Jumping on my bed... probably not a big deal if everyone in the world did that. (they may even have fun!) But, say I wanted to leave a mess in a public space, just me, just this once... It doesn't seem to be a big deal at that level of misplaced responsibility;ie someone else will clean it up.  But, if one is to think about what if everyone left a mess in Mcdonald's or the park?  What if everyone shirked their responsibility of what is fair and right, even in little issues?  That's very much how I sometimes decided what was important rules, and what was not that important.  It put things in perspective when it's easy to just tell yourself this or that won't hurt... no one will notice if I just....  Well, all those little actions (or inactions) add up accumulating into a bigger part of what makes our society.  We all have a responsibility to do the right thing all the time.  We all have to do our part, and step up to what's right.  We too often feel that we are small and don't can't make a difference.  That's not true.  Everyday, every choice you make, every word you use, every action you do, every time you choose to not do any of those things (because let's face it choosing to do nothing is still a choice) we make a difference, an effect on someone, or something somewhere.  How we use that power, or don't use that power is up to us.