Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back at 2013

Thinking back on this last year I can say that it has been without a doubt eventful. It's been one of those years that one grows leaps and bounds as a person. I talked about hard topics like loneliness, what it's like not to fit in anywhere, and even my natural desire to not blend in.

I covered so many school  issues with both boys that made me step out of my comfort zone. I tackled situations that I never thought I could in my wildest dreams. If you'd asked me last year if I would have been okay with attending so many IEP meetings where I was very plainly considered the enemy while people behave behind the scenes in the most unethical way possible I would have said 'possibly not.' Yet I did. When Beans got hurt  at school I wanted to run away. I didn't want to be the squeaky wheel, and even though in the end  Beans ended up homeschooled it all ended up okay as I learned to believe in myself. I overcame almost every fear that I had this year, up to including going on our local news, and giving an interview about the situation with the school, even though Bubby is still governed by the same special ed unit. If you'd have asked me if I would, or could do something like that the year before this last year I would have said absolutely NOT! It's not my nature to be in front of cameras, and it's not my nature to be loud.

This year we discussed that autistic children can be very giving
and I talked about how I experience empathy. I explained how deeply I really feel emotions. I wrote about how sometimes an autistic person's anxiety and their interpretations of the world can lead to autistic negativity.  I also gave some tips on how to help strengthen an autistic person's sense of self to combat the darker feelings, and the defensive ego.

There was also a number of disagreements in the autism parenting community. I talked about how I felt my own experiences as autistic person were dismissed..   I covered my own parenting philosophies. I wondered how we can best support parents that are struggling. I wanted to give all moms out there a shout-out.

This last year I came to the undeniable realization that I was hopelessly faceblind. I ran into one awkward situation after another.

I talked about my issues with time management, and how I can't always control how I spend my time the way I'd like.

All in all this year had some definite challenges, but it with it came so many rewards. I am looking forward to what 2014 will bring.  Thanks for reading, and sharing it with me.


  1. What a year it has been. I for one was so proud of you...watching how you dealt with the Beans situation. You are stronger than you think. Happy New Year! :)


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