Sunday, June 9, 2013

Growing Into Love

Like many nights, my husband came in the door tonight after 7 PM, despite leaving around 12 hours earlier.  This happens more nights than not 7 days a week. He owns his own business, and it requires backbreaking grueling labor all day, everyday.

Despite this, he comes home with a helpful attitude. always asking what he can do to help almost as soon as he comes in the door.

He comes home, understanding that my day is not always easy. His day doesn't end when he is away from work, because mine doesn't, either. We didn't arrive at this kind of give, and take relationship overnight, and I had to advocate for my needs (respectfully) plenty to get here. But, we didn't give up.  We stayed through when it was tough.  We sought marriage counseling when we needed direction.  We considered divorce many times in the last 16 years, but we stuck it through the trials, and tribulations, and let me clear- there were many life altering tribulations that we have encountered. I am glad we did.

Some ladies want diamonds,
and other material items. I often see others wishing for fame, and glamor. I will take a tired man gathering half of the snack cabinet, and carrying it over to his nonverbal son's seat, then remembering how to help him use his communication book to request items, any day.  That, is worth more to me than any material item. He often bathes Beans, takes him out to play while I get stuff done, and changes his pants.  He plays games with Bubby, and takes CJ out driving. He has to be exhausted, but he pushes through it. Mature love that is built on a solid foundation of respect is a true joy. I feel blessed, but I know it was a lot of hard work. It wasn't just a random happening.

I am not one to do those overly-affectionate posts, gushing posts about how awesome their hubby is. I do want to give him credit, though. He truly is a good person, and that is why I married him.  I felt like he deserved one post dedicated to him for all the work he does.  I admire, and love him. 


  1. Beautiful. Love this. I feel that my husband and I are getting to this place as well. With a lot of hard work. Counseling definitely helps as well. Congrats on making the right choices, and working hard to keep your marriage strong.


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