Sunday, September 14, 2014

6 Week Milestone!

Last Tuesday was my 6 week mark from when I had a hysterectomy. I thought that since I did a pre-surgery post, and a one week post op post I would do a 6 week milestone post.

The doctor gave me the all clear for exercise, and other activities. He said I healed up well. I have been taking my return to normal activities very, very slowly. As I said in my last update post, I definitely did not get much of a reprieve from my regular duties around the house. My usual routine was most of the way in full effect by week two. My exercise routine was not. Neither was my ability to lift heavy things like the trash, cases of water at the store, and jumping on the trampoline with Beans.

I was pretty nauseous up to week 4. That is when I finally got my appetite back fully. I still needed ibuprofen for pain, and occasionally pain meds, too. My stomach was still pretty swollen, and I really felt a bit deflated emotionally between weeks 3 and 4, too.

Week five is when I began to feel much better. My swelling went down to reveal a much flatter stomach then what I had before the surgery, so I was pretty happy about that. I had no pain, and was feeling fine. The doctor said that my uterus was twice the size it is supposed to be, so I think without that in the way everything was moving along pretty well.

Week five is also when I decided to start back up on my exercising. I began with this video, which I did daily:

Of course, what works for me exercise-wise, may not for you. So, please use caution when introducing exercise back into your routine if you've had surgery recently.

On week 6 I added this video to my routine alternating them every other day.

During week 6 much of the swelling, and some soreness returned. I don't know if it was just due to the new exercise routine, or if it was just the way my body was healing. From what I hear this happens from time to time the first year after a hysterectomy. I decided to keep pushing through the exercise, because I didn't feel it was the kind of sore that usually indicates overdoing it. I didn't see how I could dial the routine back anymore than I already was, and at 6 wks I was cleared of all restrictions. I was glad that I did, because just 4 days later I can tell you I am feeling pretty good. I think my body just had to readjust. The soreness is most of the way gone, and the swelling is back down to most of the way normal. I think all of my muscles had to stretch back out again.

Here in two days it will be week seven, and I am going to add a low impact lower body routine to the mix. Not sure about week 8 yet, but we will see how I feel when we get there. Right now I feel these exercises are challenging enough. If you listen very closely you can usually tell what your body needs, and right now I know mine is telling me to ease back into everything a little at a time. It's hard to do, because I just want to get back to it! Plus, the inches I lost around my waist seemed to migrate down to my butt! I am anxious to get some of that gone, but I have to remind myself that if I hurt myself I will not be able to do anything for awhile!

Emotionally, I am doing well. There is no more PMS to contend with. :) I think most women are worried that their sexual organs may not function properly after hysterectomies. Sometimes, that does happen. I think it is rare nowadays with the technology we have , but it can happen. If you're married that can be a big game changer, for sure. It's a lot to worry about. That fear is slowly going away for me, as I find that things are still 'operational' in that department. I still have some pain, but it is getting better. Some people take longer to heal than others, and all of our bodies are different.

All in all, I am glad I did it. The endometriosis pain was getting severe, as well as the weight from my uterus. Every period was getting substantially more painful, as was every ovulation. Since I did keep my ovaries the doctor said I could still have pain during ovulation, but I have not expereince anything like the horrific pain I did before at that time in my cycle yet. I am hoping I don't, either.

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