Monday, September 16, 2013

Update- Beans and the School Investigation

In my last post I talked about the beginning of what has turned out to be a nightmare on so many levels. Today, that nightmare has gotten scarier.

I received the update from the school police officer who told me that he could not find any criminal conduct in his jurisdiction. He says he interviewed everyone, and no one is criminally liable for Bean's injuries.

I asked him then how does he explain them, and he just kept repeating that he couldn't find anyone to hold criminally liable. No one (obviously) owned up to it, and Beans can't tell us, so he says a crime hasn't been committed.  This makes about as much sense to me as finding a murder victim lying dead with a gunshot to the head, no gun around, and declaring it not a crime, because the victim can't tell anyone what happened, and the police don't know what happened.

I recount all the inconsistencies to the school's story. The fact that they noticed an injury while getting him off the bus,(according to what they told police) but didn't take him to the nurse until 10:30. That is almost 2 hours later. The nurse says she will call me, but the teacher tells her not to.  She tells her that she will do it. She never does. She has numerous email, and communication logs between her and I before I discover the injury on Tuesday afternoon, and never once mentions it. How can that NOT sound suspicious to the police?! The fact that as soon as I saw it I knew it needed to be x-rayed. I told him that the nurse has way more medical knowledge than I do, yet sent him back to class with a fractured wrist? None of that adds up. I told him that I am not in any way satisfied with those answers. They don't make sense, and his investigation is not making sense. I told him that I still don't know what happened to my son. No one can tell me that. I repeat that I am dissatisfied with his findings, and don't agree that no one is criminally responsible at least 3 times. I told him I will not send my child back there, and asked him how he would feel if that was his child?

Then, the principal calls me to tell me that the investigation is complete. They found no wrongdoing on their part, and are ready to 'resume services immediately'. I ask if that will be in the same classroom, and she says yes. I say no. I told her there is no way that I am sending my son back there. I told her that I still don't know what happened to my son, and there is no way I am sending him back to that classroom with that teacher. She just keeps repeating that I need to be aware that they are ready to resume services. She basically is telling that if I don't send him to school tomorrow that he will be counted truant.

Obviously, I am not sending him back to that room with that teacher.  I have been trying to reach the person at our local disability rights center that I spoke to on Friday, but he's not at his desk today. I left a message, and called our advocacy center who did give me some advice. I am awaiting her email with info and more phone numbers to call for help.

Now, it's just a waiting game for people to call me back, and for me to see what options there are while taking care of Beans and trying to do some one on one work with him.  He needs to keep busy through all of this. He gets so bored just sitting around the house.

He deserves more than this. His right to be safe at school is more important than their f*cking school/government politics. This is why I get so pissed off when people tout the tragedy model of autism. It makes people like Beans invisible. He is being treated like a second class citizen. He has just as much value as any other child in that school.

Oh, and I said I would update on my theory on what happened. From what I can see on his injuries I think they had him in a prone restraint, but instead of using their hands to hold his arms to his side I think someone used their left knee to his left wrist (that's how it probably got fractured, and bruised) and their right foot on his right wrist, leaving the sole pattern on his wrist. This link shows you what a prone restraint is if you don't know.

That is all that I know for now. I will update when I know more.

*Correction- After multiple x-rays we have found the bones to be unharmed. The doctor says it must have been a "really bad sprain".


  1. Please, if you have a moment, email me at There is education code that allows you to remove your child for personal reasons without him being truant. They are using scare tactics on you. Don't back down. You are his mother, you do not have to send him to a place you deem to be unsafe.

  2. Totally agree with Jo! You can get out of this. There are ways. Keep us posted!

  3. Stay strong. Is there a value in involving the actual police (I'm in the UK so I'm very I'll informed as to your procedures)

    1. I tried, but they just sent me to that guy, who is for all intents and purposes a real cop. It was very frustrating!


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