Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Family- A Story by Bubby

The other day Bubby wrote this paper about our family.  I thought he did an excellent job, so I'm sharing it here exactly as he wrote it.  Enjoy!

I have a great family. We all get along, except me, and CJ. but we still like each other.

I have a great Dad. He's a tree man.  And aslo he owns it.  He cuts wood and sometimes sells it.  And guess what?  He plays video games!

And I have a great Mom.  She likes to go on Face Book. She also cooks a lot. And for dinner we sit on the couch and watch TV.

CJ is not so bad of a sister. She is in archery. She has a boyfriend named S. .She likes South Park. Also she owns Cupid.

So, want to talk about me? Well I'm a Family Guy. Also I play Minecraft. I like South Park too. Also I like to play video games. And I play with Cupid. I have Asperger's. And I like to eat at restaurants.

My little brother Beans is good.  He has autism. And he watches us play video games. Also he likes to eat at restaurants too like me.

Well I hope you like learning about my family. They are very fun!


  1. That is so lovely! And it displays quite an awareness of himself and his family too, more perhaps than he was capable of even a year or two ago?

  2. Dear B, What a nice way to see your family! I can tell you love them all very much.

    Dear mom, rock on. You have a sweet kid here :)

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