Monday, October 21, 2019

Freestyle Ramble

It's getting to be be the latter part of October. The leaves are beginning to fall quickly from the trees and the colors are changing from olive greens to yellows and some rusty reds. In Kansas it's not always predictable what type of fall you'll get. Sometimes it might get too cold too quickly causing the leaves to fall from the trees before turning many colors at all, or other times there can be spectacular bursts of cascading colors that lasts into November.

Much like our fall my physical health is this way, especially this time of the year. Unpredictable. A few years ago when the migraines began to take hold I noticed that in fall they would get noticeably worse more years than not. I am kind of waiting to see how this one pans out. So far not much of a change in the norm of how it's been. I was finally able to see a specialist, so maybe a solution, or at least an improvement in the severity is on the horizon? Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is Bubby's last IEP meeting. Yes. Last. He will graduate high school in May. He will turn 18 in about 2 weeks.

I will let that sink in for a second for long time readers. 😂

There has been so many challenges for him throughout his time at school, but he has done so well in high school. Now we face the next step, which is employment, because he is not about secondary education. He has been doing some job training at school, but I think he needs more in different places. He would really like to work somewhere with animals.

Since I am just doing a freestyle, catch up blog, I'll update on Beans,  too. He is about to turn 16 in a month. I still homeschool him. He goes to the school a couple times a week for speech therapy and he really like it. He still only uses a couple signs to communicate, but has done so well in learning to take us by the hand to lead us to what he wants. He used to never do this. I really feel like he is doing well and is generally a happy kid who loves his tablet and swing. (He has an indoor swing in his room.)

I wish that I had the time and energy to blog more often. I write entries all the time in my head that never make to the screen. I love writing and I love sharing with my autism and introvert community. I'm always thinking about you all and wanting to be more active, even when I'm not. Most days a meme or two posted will just have to do!

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