Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thoughts for 2017

In one of my recent posts I posed a few questions to get me (and hopefully all of you) thinking about the things I'd like to bring into this year, and where my mindset is in relation to my goals. I wanted to have this post done before January 1st, which is funny to me, since it's now January 22nd. Sooooo, as you can tell, my new year is busy. It's okay, though. It happens.

Let's dive in with the questions.

What has gone right/well this year? How do you plan to keep facilitating this into next year?

For me I would say that my relationship with my husband has improved, and he has been helping out around the house, and with the kids so much more. I would facilitate this by encouraging him, and making sure he knows I appreciate him, which are not my strengths, so that will take some work on my part to remember.

What has not gone as well as you'd hoped, and how do you plan to cope/change with it this next year?

My health. I don't think that I can do much to change it. I will have to learn to cope, and that is something I am still learning to do. Practicing mindfulness, and asking for help are 2 ways that might lessen the emotional damage on my part.

They say that the 5 people you spend the most time around become who you are/influence you. Who are those people for you, and do you find those influences positive or negative? (Don't have to name actual names)

I'm not really around that many people on a regular basis. Guess I'm kind of a hermit?  I'm not around anyone that is inherently negative, but I am not around very many people that I find to be similar to me. I'd like to add some more influences that are more similar to my own.

 What new thing do you hope/plan to experience this next year?

This one is hard. There are a few areas of my life that I would like to become unstuck. Sometimes I realize that I have been stuck in the same ways for a few years with little progress, and there a few things that I'd like to go differently this year, even if a little bit. I don't have any big plans as of how to accomplish it yet, though.

What old thing do you hope to leave behind in 2016, and why?

I'm thinking my lack of confidence. Seems like I am feeling more confident now, and I'm good with leaving my insecurities in the past for obvious reasons.

That was all of my questions. I think beyond that I would like to work on my time management skills. They are not stellar. If I could do that more effectively then I would like to blog here, and at my other BLOG more often.Maybe go through more of my recipe books, and experiment there. I have so many things that I'd love to do. I feel like I could never have time to get to them all. My interests are infinite, and I pour myself into each activity so fully. I could never run out of activities, or exciting ideas.

I'm slowly acclimating to 2017 as it flies past me in a whirlwind. Keeping my feet steady on the ground, and my gaze ahead. I'm committed to finding the calm center within me, and working outward from there no matter what.

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