Thursday, December 31, 2015

All Things Considered @TheMightySite #autistic

If you've been following me for a long time, or maybe even just for a little amount of time you might have gathered that I'm the type of person that doesn't jump into conflicts in the heat of the moment. I would rather sit back, and gather all the different angles while not getting involved in any way while I decide what to think. This is not the same as rendering my judgement, per se. The thing about being a contemplative, empathetic person that rarely takes sides is that I don't search to answer the question "Who is wrong here." No, rather I ask myself "What happened here." There rarely is a clear right, or wrong party, and perspective is everything. Since I am a bit of a loner in terms of joining up with others to form groups I typically don't have a preset bias, either. Well, okay, maybe we all have some bias by nature, but I form no loyalty to a specific group.

So, when there was a big conflict at a site called The Mighty  I didn't jump right into the mix right away.  I did read about it before the stories started getting to ripe with emotion, and facts got too bent out of shape. Though, I was never able to read the actual article that set off the whole controversy, I do know that the author is autistic. If I recall, she was even new to blogging, but I may be mistaken there. In any event, that was what I knew about the situation that escalated into hashtags, and open letters, the whole 9 yards.

As the day wore on more people tweeted, and more people blogged. Mobs of people gathered to express their outrage at this author, and at this article. At first, I read that no one cares if she's autistic, too, she shouldn't have written what what she did, and The Mighty should never have published it. Then, people demanded an apology, which was given by The Mighty I don't think most accepted it. I think it was sincere, but it was beside the point to me.

In my opinion the whole campaign was justified, but left of center.

Let me explain why.