Sunday, May 24, 2015

Celebrate #PositiveParentingDay June 1st

Hello. I would like to invite you to celebrate positive parenting with me on Monday June 1st. To sign up please see the event listing HERE, as well as see the bottom of this page for further instructions.

What is positive parenting?

Positive parenting is not really a clearly defined technique that has certain rules to follow. It can mean different things to different people, as well as involve many different types of ideas, and values from all kinds of styles. Other styles that are more specific that use positive parenting techniques are gentle parenting and attachment parenting. I'm sure there are many others that I don't know about, but those are two examples that come to mind that I know about.

Positive parenting involves a parent, and child relationship that is open, caring, and respectful. It is usually child centered in the way it is applied. A parent using positive parenting skills will approach every situation with their child with empathy looking to to help their child grow, and learn rather than to obey, and coerce.

Positive parenting does not equal permissive parenting. It doesn't mean that parents just sit back, and let their child do what they want all the time. Instead, what positive parenting does is explore the many, many other ways to problem solve with your child that are in between harsh, aversive punishments, and neglecting to set any boundaries, or interact with your child at all.

What are some examples of Positive parenting?

I personally don't see positive parenting as a sort of either you do, or you don't technique. It's a way of interacting with your child every day. It's a set of tools a parent can use to best address the needs of their children at ay given time that helps the child learn, and grow as a person. Some days we all might not respond the way we'd like to our children, but that doesn't mean you're not a positive parent. Just the act of realizing that maybe you might have snapped at your five year old for taking too long to find her shoes is an act of a positive parent if you try to problem solve how to handle it differently next time by asking why it happened. Maybe you could have planned better by giving her more warning, or helped her find another pair, ect...  Positive parenting is a constant evolving relationship between you, and your child that involves meeting their needs, understanding their behaviors, and helping them to be successful, and independent.

How can I join in celebrating Positive Parenting Day on June 1st?

There are several ways to show your support of Positive Parenting.
*You can change your profile, and cover pictures on social media to the Positive Parenting image, and  banner.
*You can blog about your own thoughts about Positive Parenting, or submit a guest post to be posted if you do not own a blog. If you would like to guest post please contact me via the event site, or email ( with your entry no later than May 30th.
*You can talk about Positive Parenting on social networks using the #Positiveparentingday hashtag.
*You can retweet, and share other blog entries, and tweets about Positive Parenting.
*You can share this event, and invite friends to participate.

This is the profile image for the event.

This is the cover image for the event.


  1. How do we share with you, dear IM, once we have posted on own blogs?

    1. You can use the email address up above to send me a link, or you can DM, or tweet it to me one twitter- @soundless2 , or Facebook- .

      Thank you for participating!


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