Saturday, November 23, 2013

How Can We Best Support Autism Parents Who are Struggling?

Last week I wrote a blog entry about a poor parenting moment I had.  I laid it all out. It wasn't anything way out there. It was about a moment of struggle that I had when my Beans was having a what I call 'not having it day' that was in more of the week than a day. He was not having clothes, and not wanting to move when asked. I was late for everything that week, and some things were really important. Days on end like that had me at the end of my rope. I yelled at him, and tried to pick him up, which did not go well, since he's about the size of me. One day a few days ago he decided he was going to just park it on the middle of the parking lot. Just booomp., and there he is. Solid as a rock. Nothing I can do to change it. He's just there until he decides not to be.  There's not a doubt in my mind if he was smaller any parent would just pick him up, and move him. The thing is as his body grows, cognitively he isn't.

In any event, I posted that post knowing that in the autism community there had to be others struggling with the same thing.  Maybe their children wasn't as old as mine, but they had to experience this behavior, and at times of constant struggles I am sure that most parents have yelled. Yet, when I posted that entry I got very little feedback. When I did, it was mostly hinting at pity for me, or maybe disdain? I am not sure, but I do know I got little support. It was awkward, and the way I felt judged was not helping, so I took it down.

This got me to thinking, and wondering.

When did it become a taboo to say you're struggling with your special needs child?