Sunday, July 28, 2013

Severe #Autism, Puberty and the conversations that need to be happening

Here lately I have been struggling with Beans, and his increasingly aggressive behavior. I don't care as much about about the aggression, or the destruction of my home as much as I care that he seems quite unhappy.  I have spoken about it some on my Inner Aspie page, and more on my personal FB page.  I tend to keep quite a lot of these struggles to myself, as I know the inevitable wall of advice is bound to come along with anything I post.  I don't mind advice, and sometimes welcome it, but in the case of Beans it seems he has a different kind of autism than almost anyone else I have ever met, online, or off.  Autism Daddy is probably one of the very few examples I have found that somewhat matched up with my Beans. Though, his son, and ideas on dealing with things differ from mine it is a close approximation.

Last year, for Christmas one of Beans paras took a bunch of photos of his classroom, and put them on a special slideshow/video dvd for the parents.  Beans is in a classroom with other kids who are severely affected by autism, as well. He is by far the most delayed. I don't know that I noticed as much until popping that dvd in. I watched the other 2 kids in his class participate in activities while Beans just ran around in the background. Don't get me wrong, the school (usually) is very good at including him in every activity they can. The thing is, he doesn't have the skills to be involved in most of what the rest are doing. In P.E. the other 2 try to mimic what the rest of the 3rd grade class is doing, my son is running around playing tickles with the para. He will play tickles and peek-a-boo all day long. It isn't wrong, and it is engaging socially at his level of ability. I don't have an issue with it, but he is quite delayed in development, but yet his body is growing. His mind is beginning to get flooded with the hormones of adolescence, which delayed or not makes anyone moody, and obstinate.