Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Thoughts on Time Management

I have been asking myself some hard questions lately. The kind that lead to hard answers, and even harder changes. I know that I have hinted at being kind of done with autism advocacy, and the autism as a special interest lately.  I don't think that I truly am, just yet.  However, I am changing how I go about this interest.  Sometimes, even  I get overwhelmed, and kinda....I don't know know what the word is I am looking for....almost bored, but not quite.  Maybe, complacent?

I have personal challenges in my life, as well as the ones I speak about here.  I find time to be my biggest contender, yet.  I never have enough of it to do what I want, yet... I know that is not true.  We all have all the time we need. If we added hours onto everyday, we would still feel like we were lacking in time. It is because we are not spending it wisely.  There is a gap in what we are doing vs. what we want to, or know needs done.  I think this applies to most people in general, but for me it is a huge factor in my overall life dissatisfaction.  Time is currency, because time is money. What we value is apparent by what amount of time we spend on any given activity. If we find that we are not spending time on what we value most, there is likely going to be some conflict.