Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cupid- The Almost Service Dog

We have a dog named Cupid.  The animal shelter named him that, because he loves everyone. He's a real people kind of dog. We got him as a birthday present for CJ.  However, soon after we got him about 7 months ago he picked another family member to turn his attention to, Beans.

Cupid is a very, very high strung dog. Full of puppy mischief, even though he's getting close to being 2 years old. He is a handful. A noisy handful, which is extremely off putting to Beans, who doesn't like noise, and too much commotion. Beans does not feel the same about the dog, as he does about him.  Beans runs away from him, and his noisy antics all day.  The dog follows him. When Beans has a meltdown Cupid runs around him in circles barking. This obviously makes Beans cry louder, and lash out at the dog. No matter how many times Beans hits Cupid, because he is encroaching on his space during a meltdown, Cupid never stops doing it.  He runs around him pushing away anyone who comes near Beans when he is upset. When a stranger comes in our home, they cannot even look at Beans sideways, or Cupid will start to bark, and push them away from him.It took a few wks before Cupid would allow our respite provider to do anything with Beans. As soon as she's play with him, he'd go nuts.  He would follow them to the bathroom for pants changing time, overlooking everything, making sure it was all cool. He even used to do that to me! If Beans tries to go out the door, Cupid will follow. Beans has never petted the dog, or acknowledged him in any way, except to toss some food his way. If Beans is eating paper, or some other nonfood item, Cupid wants to, too.  Cupid think Beans is the bees knees.  He's like a badly behaved service dog.