Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lessons I Have Learned As An #Autism Advocate

Yesterday, I learned some valuable lessons at Bubby's IEP meeting. Most not good, and some even carry with it an abrasive ability to leave me jaded, perhaps forever.

I learned that right isn't always right. This might seem like an odd statement. It's contradictory, to be sure.  What I mean by that is, logical sense, data, and proof doesn't always get things moving in a sensible direction. People may say, but the school has to do this, or that. Yes, in a perfect world, where people didn't come saddled with baggage, and ulterior motives when the moral, right, and data-driven initiative is revealed it is accepted as fact, because it is fact. I learned yesterday that I can sit in a room with nine people, and one person can effectively shut the whole meeting down with such intimidation, even with seasoned professionals involved.

I learned that some people will always see any deviation from the norm as wrong.