Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Goal Setting-coping skill for Adult #ASD

After writing the Dear Self, entry yesterday I have been pondering on how I can care for myself better.  I simply don't accept that autistics, introverts, and worriers have to be discontent much of the time.  I don't accept this for myself, anyway.  I genuinely do want to be happy, content, and fulfilled. I know that I can't be if I am always tense, and worked up.

So, I thought about it.

What is causing me to feel so under pressure?
Other than my natural state of being a perfectionist, I'd say stress.

What can I do to help alleviate it, then?
Not much to make it go away. My life is my life. Things have to get done, and I have to do it.

But, then I wondered if I could possibly manage my stress differently?  Maybe, it can't go away, but could I rearrange my day, and the way I look at it?
I think I could. I think my issue is not my level of stress, as much as how I manage it, and feel burnt out at every turn.

So, what would this look like?
Maybe, less time on the computer doing meaningless tasks, like checking on emails, FB notifications, ect...  I could also start setting more structured goals that are actually attainable.