Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Neverending #Gratitude List

I was thinking the other day that it would be great to compile a nice list of those small, delightful little moments we encounter in our day that really make things great. The little things that make us smile and feel grateful to be alive. I asked my FB page this question and these are the responses that I received. Feel free to share, and print out to hang in your everyday workspace help remind yourself and your family that everyday is an occasion to be grateful. Also, if you would like add something to the gratitude list, please leave a comment and I will edit the post to add it in. The gratitude list can't ever be too long!
*The ones without a name attached are mine.

1. The First cup of coffee in the morning.

2. Climbing into bed with freshly laundered sheets.

3.Hugs and kisses from my girls~Kimberly W.

4. When my kiddo crawls into bed with us in the morning and snuggles up for a little while and tells me his dreams.~ Summer L.

5. A favorite meal~ Jaclyn R.

6. When we tell our son its bedtime and he grabs me, pulls me into the bedroom, and pats the bed. Its his way of telling me he wants to cuddle.~ Kristen D.

7. Snuggle time! In the last 10 minutes before he falls asleep my son curls up with me. That is the time when he is able to tell me about his day, about something he wants, about what fascinates him. I learn more about my son in those precious 10 minutes than at any other time.~ Kim G.

8. My 5 year old will put his hands on the sides of my face, tell me I'm pretty, and give me a smooch.~ Nikki H.

9. Reading bedtime stories to my 4 year old. My ten year old Aspie does NOT do fiction, so he isnt into "bedtime" stories~ Amanda F.

10 .When I have true, perfect silence.~ Zed L.

11. "Just because hugs" from my children always make my day better :) ~ Amy G.   

12. Rainbows!! Can't get enough Rainbows! ~ Sue K.

13.My first cup of coffee in the morning, on the porch listening to the birds and watching the sun rise. :) ~ My Awesome Aspie 

14. The perfect song, the perfect book, the perfect poem... or when walking outside in the midst of trees, seeing the full moon. (I will have to stop now because I just realized I have a bunch of things like that about nature that make me feel like sighing a great big happy sigh.~ Ad L.

15. One day my son turned to me and said, "Of all the mom's in the world you're the Charlie Browniest." I think that was his way to say, I love you. I love those random thoughts out of the blue.~ Jennifer C.

16. i have a few: Seeing my son inventing his own games and enjoying himself, sitting in the sun in our garden with my husband and son, drinking a homemade cup of cappucino in a quiet house. :)) ~Aspegermoeder

17. A Red Velvet Cupcake at the end of a stressful day. Melts it all away.~ Confessions Of An Aspergers Mom

18. Morning coffee as the sun comes up : ) ~ Nick's Page for Autism Awareness

19.A song that comes on exactly when I needed it to! ~ Autism Answers 

20. Getting messages from close friends. ~Katherine R.

21. When my Aspie son corrects himself. I might be right next to him and he'd yell, "Bring me ORANGE JUICE!" He would then hesitate and add, "Oh, excuse me. May I have orange juice please?" Making respectful requests in our household is an issue, so this feels wonderful! ~ A Quiet Week In The House

22. Wells Getting a phone call or text from that special someone to ask how 'my' day went. :) ~ Tanya W.

23. The sound of my children's laughter ~ Confessions Of An Aspergers Mom 

24. Diet coke seriously ~Shelly S.

25. Hearing "You're the Best Mom ever " from my 21yr old son !! He's the best son ever. I really love him so much & very grateful God sent him my way !!! ~Mary Beth S.

26. Being silly and music :) ~Ngie P.

27. Squirrel watching, rainbows, sunshine and cool breezes, unexpected humor and uproarious laughter, playing patty-cakes or tossing a ball back and forth, bouncing on a trampoline - the last 3 make me smile and laugh every's automatic/can't help it! :)  ~Audra C.

28. Knitting and being creative. It gets me up in the morning!. ~Alida V.

29. Waking up.~Janorah F.

30. Sunshine on my face, first thing in the morning. Or a 'love you' message from my daughter. ~Penni W.

31. Endorphins from exercise. Aaahhh. :) ~Audra C.

32. Sitting on your porch watching it rain. The smell after it rains. Seeing the trees turn brilliant colors in the fall. The refreshing feeling you get when you get a drink of iced tea on a super hot day.