Saturday, September 1, 2012

Character Defined- More Than Just #Aspergers

I just wanted to share this photo I made. Not because I think it's particularly spectacular, or anything. It's more because of what it represents to me. It's about me as a whole person. It's about letting out my Inner Aspie, but doing so in a way that shows me as a unique character. I am more than just Asperger's, a mom, or a wife. I am unique, as everyone is. I thought it would be nice to honor the me that I tend to neglect in my everyday transactions with others by trying to think of characteristics that represent who I am. This photo is what I came up with.

I also found (thanks to a commenter below) a cool site to do a sort of interactive personality inventory. Mine is here on this blog on the left hand side or you can go view it here: My Johari Window. You can also do one that is more about our negative traits. Mine is here My Nohari Window. You can also do one for yourself. 

 What characteristics do you possess? What words describe you that are independent of your relationships, or neurological differences?