Thursday, March 8, 2012

Travis Meeks- A talented Musician with AS

I found this while looking through playlists on my FB music app that I use. I just had to share it. It's a video interview that was done a couple weeks ago by the lead singer of Days Of The New, Travis Meeks.  If you're not familiar with them and their music one of their most popular song can be found here. 

Travis was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome during his musical career.  He's had a pretty hard life, and has so much talent.  He was featured on the A&E series Intervention a few years ago due to a very serious substance abuse problem.  I remember watching it with my husband and him remarking that he didn't see the AS. It is true that other than the anger issues, Travis acted more 'normal' than he does now during interviews. I guess the drugs masked a lot of his stimming and fidgety behaviors.

One thing that I find amusing is his constant reference to video games to describe his thought process.  It remind me of my son, so much.  The way the lady keeps going 'yeah' because she really has no idea what in the world to say back to him is pretty much what I feel my conversations with people are like.  I just wanted to share this, as he is such a talented guy, and I never hear of him mentioned when people speak of famous people with AS.