Sunday, December 16, 2012

#Autism Is

Autism is..... A squeal let out on a high EEEEEEEEEEE

Autism is...... A look sideways at something unique

Autism is..... A feeling of awe from a deep touch

Autism is..... knowledge gathered, like an expert

Autism is...... A line of cars colorful and bright

Autism is..... repetitive fun, always the same

Autism is.... humming to think

Autism is.... A song listened to again

Autism is... finding comfort in the schedule

Autism is...  A smile genuinely felt

Autism is... sometimes loud

Autism is.... sometimes quiet

Autism is... swinging in the air

Autism is... bouncing and twirling

Autism is....hands shielding the light

Autism is... ears that hear (everything) and hands that flap

Autism is.... sometimes a bear hug

Autism is.... a mind that remembers

Autism is...  Sometimes being silly

Autism is.... Sometimes overwhelming

Autism is... sometimes lonely.

Autism is.... always unique.

Autism is... part of me


  1. Autism is a family trait!
    I really liked this on Shawna!

  2. Autism is the strongest, loneliest, most useful component in amongst a multifaceted machine called life!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful expressions about the autism spectrum. You're teaching me with every word you write, bridging my understanding of my world to the understanding of your world.

    1. Thank you for reading. This is also about my sons, too. Since we have differing points of the autism spectrum in our house I was able to incorporate so many different facets of what it is to be autistic.

  4. I caught your last post and it is important to report that Facebook page to authorities... And press the report button... You can save lives and fragile hearts;)
    And autism is special... The red thread of society and has nothing to do with violence. Without AS we would not have the light bulb, pride and predjudice, the abolishment if slavey, Sistine chapel, Van Gogh, Mozart.... We are in good company

    1. I would have loved to report that page, but others took care of it before I was told of it. I never even saw the page up and running. It was just a screen shot by the time it came to my attention. I have seen others that I have reported, though.

      ASD is important part of humanity. You are so correct. Maybe I will re-post my last post. I took it down, as it was seeming to be taken in a different way than I had written it to mean. I didn't know what else to do, besides take it down.


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