Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Undateables? Not quite.

Has anyone in the UK seen the show 'Undateables'?  I haven't, but from what I've seen I 'm still leaning toward the POV that it's voyeuristic and portraying the misinformed public opinion that disabled people are less than in the world of romance.  One thing I do see is that it is in the spot light and people are now talking about it.  That means that the general public is having to think about the generally accepted stereotype that people with disabilities are somehow not meant for love, relationships, and sex.  We can and we are, and do do those things.  People most often hate, or repel what they don't understand.  I am hoping this show can help everyday people empathize with disabled people in the way that they see they're not so different after all. It won't seem so odd anymore, thus removing some stigma.  Getting a discussion going, exchanging opinions and getting people really thinking can all be good things.  Humiliating vulnerable people that just want love is a where I'd see the show possibly being negative.

What's your opinion of the program?


  1. Loads of potential... but it's all in the execution..

  2. I see they try to present sympathetically, but, let's face it, if they hadn't done it that way, it wouldn't be on air. Rather cynically, perhaps, I'm content that The Undateables's format is as close to a freak show as they dared get. They wouldn't have made it if it weren't going to turn a profit.

  3. I hate the title, why do they always have to make everything so dramatic. They could have come up with something much better than that. People with disabilities are not undateable!!!! Other than that I thought the episode that I saw was quite good.

  4. I think the show is just that a show. It might help a person get a few dates. It may not. I just hope they don't use people in a bad light for ratings there's been a lot of shows that use shock value to get people to watch. Networks can present anyone in a bad light so I'm hoping they choose to use this as a positive forum. I think as I get older I only want to see the positves in life. Too much bad on the news. Is it so wrong that I want to watch a positve world? I'm starting to loath negativity or things that are designed to make one group of people feel or look bad. so here's hoping for a positive show. I would watch it.


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