Thursday, October 13, 2011

Psychiatrists propose a new diagnosis for early psychosis

I came across This article in the Scientific American that talks about adding a new diagnosis to the DSM V that would pre-diagnose what looks to be early onset psychosis. While I see some potential in this, I think it is too vague in it's nature of what would constitute 'symptoms' and would lead to even more misdiagnosis, especially of mild forms of ASD where we have finally moved away from clinicians misdiagnosing people with AS with psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia.  I think that medicating something that we don't understand is never a good solution. Anti psychotics always make people calmer and quiter no matter what was the original problem.  It doesn't mean that it solved anything.  I am however all in favor of cognitive behavior therapy, particularly the kinds that involve Mindfulness skills for people that seem to be exhibiting paranoid, or delusional symptoms.  I think everyone could benefit from learning how to be more mindful and more in tune with themselves. I just see too much potential pitfalls in slapping labels on people that may be difficult to remove due to the nature of the label itself, ie; the patient may not get taken seriously after being diagnosed with something so stigmatizing. Being labeled as psychotic, or even potentially so, needs to be done with as much careful precision as possible. I know just how it feels to sit in a therapists office trying to explain my own social awkwardness and sensory issues in the best way I knew how with the limited amount of emotional awareness that I had, and being accused of being paranoid, and being told that it was just my perception of how I perceived others that was the issue.  I feel this diagnosis could lead to more of that prejudice and would outweigh the potential benefits.