Monday, August 1, 2011

Hate Crime?

Slur Wounds Mother Of Autistic Man

I happen to think that yes it does count as a hate crime.  Why wouldn't it?  Is it because it's less PC to say the R word than the N word for blacks or F word for gays?  Using the R word is just as hateful and demeaning as the other words.  It's about time we as a society realize that.  Words have meaning and anyone who says things like 'oh that so retarded' in my house gets corrected.  When one attaches a negative connotation (reatrded = anything bad or undesirable for instance) than being reatrded or as I prefer to call it intelecctually handicapped takes a form of less than. Think about it next time you utter the slur Retarded about something you find bad or stupid.  Think about how that word being negative makes people that are that way seem less than to society and thereby less dignified and less deserving of the same human rights the rest of us enjoy.  Think about if it was you that was in that position.  So, yes....that was a hate crime as far as I am concerned and I think it's sad that law enforcement still in this day and age thinks differently.

Oh, and as a side note, I get a little irritated at people who have children or adults on the severe end of the  spectrum who  vehemently deny that their kids are 'retarded' as if it were something bad or undesirable.  Bean's doctor report states that he's retarded, though I am not sure that's correct.  Not because I feel being intellectually disabled is such a bad thing, but rather due to his obvious inability to communicate any knowledge he may have. It may or may not be valid, but either way he deserves respect.