Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Antidepressant Controversy: What Does it Mean For You?
The above link is something that I  find very interesting.  Here in the US the prescription of anti-depressants is quite commonplace.  As a matter of fact, I meet very few people that have never been on one before, or aren't currently taking one. (people feel prone to disclosing personal info with me, I have no idea as to why, and most confess that they don't either after they tell me personal info.)

I do think that more research is required, but from what I have experienced and seen/heard from others anti-depressants may not be anymore effective than a sugar pill.  It would explain how , from my personal experience, I would seem to feel better at the beginning of starting a new medication, only to have the effect wane after a few months. 

I am now med free once again after attempting to take a new medication for my anxiety and it causing side effects that I found undesirable, namely insomnia.  At first, I was feeling good.  The relaxation was nice compared to my usual tense, worrying self.  Then, the same as with anti-depressants, the anxiety starting returning in small doses, and to add to that I was finding it increasingly difficult to fall asleep at night.  I've not had this problem ever in my life, but I found nothing more anxiety provoking than needing to sleep, not being able to, and watching the clock tick off the hours. It was a viscous cycle, because the later in the wee hours of the morning it got, the more anxious and agitated I became.  So, I have been off of Buspar for 2 days now and my sleep is returning, well when Beans will let it!