Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Decorations with Bubby

This is one of my posts that really have no real moral, or thoughtful point to it.  Just a post to be chatty and not so serious, because honestly who wants to be serious ALL the time? Not me.

Here this last week my son, Bubby has been nagging about doing fall decorations.  I know what you're thinking.. wow what a little interior decorator in the the making... No, not quite.  He's not the creative type, really. No, it's more about the calendar change.  He's obsessed with calendars and dates.  He checks the calendar in our kitchen several times a day.  We often joke that he can feel it when I write something on the calendar at school.  He seems to have a sixth sense in knowing that sort of thing.  He checks and rechecks everyday for any changes in routine and schedules. He memorizes every little appointment and holiday.  He wants to know everyone's birthday when he meets them.  Then, he'll want to know your family memebers birthdays, and possibly anniversaries.  He's always full of questions about your stats (another obsession). 

So, when he saw that the first day of fall came and went, he asked about the fall decorations (all 3 of them lol).  He has asked everyday since, even though everyday I tell him I do it on the first of October.  I have my routine, too and refuse to budge from the comfort of my own schedule, which is fall decorations come out on October 1st-31st since they are Halloween decorations.  All of them were also given to me, as I'm not the type to think about seasonal (or much of any other for that matter) decorations.  Since he's so fixated on fall decorations I thought it would be nice to google some fall crafts that he could easily do that we could hang up. I thought that might be a fun thing to do this weekend.

Then it will be time for more holidays, which he's already asked about.  The other day he asked 'what kind of Christmas activities do we have planned?' lol


  1. Ahhhh holidays and seasons. I too have a couple of calendar watchers - which is good because I am a forgetful person and they remind me :)
    We'll be bringing out Hollowe'en decorations this weekend and getting them up.
    I really like decorating the house - it's the putting them away part I have problems with lol.

    I hope you're having a wonderful Autumn :)

  2. My son goes way beyond watching. lol He has hurt himself before running wildly from another room because he saw me writing something on the calendar, and he wanted to see what it was. He has reminded me of upcoming birthdays, though!

    Hope you have a nice time decorating. Autumn is such a fun time.


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