Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sanity Test-How Sane Are You?

I took the Sanity Score test at .  My  score was 75 out of a possible 200 something.  The lower the score supposedly the more 'sane' one is! lol It declared me sane, but with two areas that need work, self-esteem was the highest followed by anxiety, even suggesting I have an anxiety disorder, which I have been diagnosed with.  The anxiety was indicated by obsessions and compulsions, which here again, is quite true.  It's fun and free, so go ahead and take it.  If you do, please come back and share your results and thoughts on the test.


  1. Okay, done it. My score was 69, pretty close to yours. The two areas that need work for me are self-esteem (surprise surprise) and eating issues. I don't feel i have an eating disorder tho, i just eat too much!!! Lol! I tend to pig out, i know. When i was younger, i was skinny as, and could eat whatever i liked. Not so now. Unfortunately!
    Other areas it said were of 'milder concern' were general coping, anxiety, phobias (only heights and bees really, with me), technology issues (too much time spent online, reading other people's blogs and doing quizzes maybe?!!?), PTSD (not sure about that one), oh, and depression. Yep, had that one often enough, but it's not really a big problem now.
    My feeling is, the quiz doesn't differentiate between things that might be Big Issues if an NT has them, but are 'normal' for aspies, eg being socially anxious. I'm not saying that these things are good, mind, just that they are there for different reasons than in NTs. So in that sense, it could be said to be a neurologically 'prejudiced' test.

  2. Yeah, I didn't pay so much attention to the minor issues it listed, as it was kinda part of what it is to be autistic. At least, mostly. My anxiety is probably the biggest issue I face and it does extend beyond AS anxiety. It really can impede my life.

  3. I got 42 which actually made me feel pretty good about myself so thanks for that!

    It seems my main problems are with certain situations or events in my life which could cause me to experience depression and anxiety. If I am honest, that really is the case.


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