Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sensory Friendly Cooking On a Budget

I am wanting to start a new segment of my blog about living, and eating thrifty (mostly eating) when dealing with sensory issues.  It's been something that I have found very difficult to do in my household where every member of my family has a variety of sensory issues pertaining to food.  I think that by posting recipes, and methods it might be helpful to other parents out there who are trying eat on a budget that can't fit in convenience foods like chicken nuggets, and frozen pizza for every meal.  Also, some of these ideas weren't always that obvious to me, even before having kids when just cooking for myself, and my (ultra picky!) husband. It might be helpful for the independent autistic who was never taught how to budget in nutritious food that they like.  I also think that by explaining some of the reasoning behind why certain foods are not sensory friendly to some people parents might gain a better understanding of why their kids won't eat certain things, and what items might work in place of them, but won't break the bank.