Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wait! Don't Throw That Away! Tasty ways to reuse stale bread.

Do you throw away most of the heals on loaves of bread? How about when it gets dry, and stale? Stop throwing it away, and start using it!

It's so simple, and easy to reuse stale bread slices, and inedible heals (to most people- I am fully aware some of you eat the heals, but we don't unless we're making french toast), and buns. As long as the bread product is not rancid, or moldy this works well with any of them. Some people prefer to not use heals, or buns, and cut off the crusts, but I have tried it many times over, and the crust has never bothered anyone, or given my finished recipe a poor result.

How to do it:

Cut bread into inch (or so) cubes. Put in freezer bag, and toss in freezer. You can keep adding in a slice or two as you wish. I keep adding to the bag as I need to until it's full.

What can you use it for?

One of the yummiest things you can do with leftover bread cubes is make homemade croutons. Set oven to about 375, and toss bread cubes in olive oil or butter. Season as desired, and bake for about 5 minutes, then stir. Keep stirring every 5 minutes until done. It usually takes about 10 minutes.   Croutons from the store are so expensive, and have a lot of preservatives. You can make as many as you want at home for next to nothing! Fresh, and seasoned the way you like.

Another very, very tasty way to use bread cubes is by putting them into a food processor, and making bread crumbs. I use them for coating vegetables, and coating meats like chicken. The photo is some breaded zucchini that I made with the bread crumbs, and egg. For less than $2 I had a healthy lunch that not only I loved, but so did my picky autistic son. It tasted like it came from a restaurant, but without the price.

I have also used the breadcrumbs for fillers in foods like salisbury steak, and other types of meat loaf kinds of dishes. I am sure you could also make stuffing (or dressing- depending on what you call it). I've never done it, but I do plan to try sometime soon.

Hope this helps save you some money, and create some great dishes! If you try any of these suggestions come back, and let me know how it went!

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