Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bean's First Speech Session

Today was Bean's first session at the new speech clinic. It went pretty well. When we arrived the SLP was just finishing up with another child, so Beans, and I waited in the waiting area. It's an open floor plan, so he darted out of the waiting area, and into the offices some as I tried to corral him. He loves to push the levers on the water cooler. He does not like to drink, or collect the water, but just to play with it. Getting Beans to be still in waiting rooms has never been easy, and as long as he isn't bothering anyone, or in their way I see his moving around to be a sensory need, so I let it go. Hubby, and I disagree about this, but that is my way.

In any event, it went pretty well. She first had him check his schedule, which he did not like. It was the same
type of picture to picture schedule we used to use. I am hoping that that is not something she wants me to continue with at home, because I don't think he understands the whole picture thing, and he tries to eat them whenever he gets the chance. I think we had talked about using objects before, which I know that he did understand when we used them at home. We ran into the same problem, though with him wanting to rip them up every chance he got.

The first thing she wanted to do was read 'Good Night Moon' which Beans was not wanting to even try. I had to sit down before he would go to the book area, then he sat on my lap while she read.  She had him point at things, and turn the pages. It wasn't his favorite activity, which I figured it wouldn't be.  I was actually glad that he came to sit with me, and would participate when I was helping. I know it seems ridiculous, but he never has much response to me, so I never really knew if he cared that much about me being around. He definitely proved today that he does.

Then, they did the connect four board, which is what she tries to use as a reward for him, because he enjoys putting the token in.  She tried to have him put down his cardboard, but that didn't happen.  They did play-dough, which he ate quite a bit of the red despite both of us being right there with him. He was very intent on munching it. He did like it, though.  He also enjoyed to bubbles, and somewhat the puzzle.

For a first session it went pretty well. I was a little concerned with how much emphasis she put on getting away from the cardboard, but she didn't push too much.  She was pretty calm, and quiet, which he really does well with. She was on a pretty infantile level, which I am not sure he responds to, either. I know that he functions at a 12-18 month old level, and sometimes tends to enjoy activities, and such that is for much younger kids, but I am not convinced that his intellect is at that level. I may have to ask her to speak to him as she would a child his age, or at least closer to it.

Another exciting thing was that I heard him distinctly say "all done" and "no" more than once at appropriate times! He does tell me "na-na" (meaning no-no) on a pretty regular basis, so there are some words there when he needs them.

I am looking forward to more sessions, and starting with school speech services, too. :)

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