Sunday, January 20, 2013

Altruism + Severe #Autism? Beans shares his candy.

Yesterday, on the way home from the grocery store Beans did something I have never seen him do before.  Something that I honestly was unsure he would ever do.

Dad got a small box of Whoppers to share with Beans.  Dad was driving, so I handed the candy out to him, and Beans.  I handed a few at a time to them each, until they were gone.  Then, I gave Beans the box, because he loves to tap (stim) on empty boxes.

That's when it happened.

He still had a Whopper in his hand, and instead of just throwing it on the floor absentmindedly, to free his hands up for the box he handed it to Bubby.  He, stepped outside his own mind, for that second, and surmised that even if he didn't want the candy, his brother might.

As he handed it to Bubby, he didn't take it. He began yelling.

Me: Take the candy:

Bubby: No, I don't like Whoppers.

Me: Tell him thank you.

Bubby: But, I don't want it.

Me: I don't care.  You can still tell him thank you for sharing his candy.

Bubby: Thank you.

He's still trying to get away from it as it rolls around on his seat next to him.

Me: Pick it up, and quit it.

Bubby: No. They're disgusting, and I don't wanna touch it. Ahhhh.

Bubby has issues with touching things he thinks smell bad, so I picked it up for him.  And, as imperfect the moment was, it was something I am unlikely to forget for some time.  Beans has never even picked up something we drop, and handed it to us.  He has so much trouble seeing others, and their needs.  It was Beans first sharing act.  It was wonderful, and a huge moment for our family. I am very proud of my Beans.


  1. YAY! Beans!! This is so awesome! (clap,clap,clap)

    I relate to Bubby here with Whoppers, I can't stand the smell or the waxy feel. :-/ I have thrown Whoppers at people. Shh!

    Still what a great and wonderful moment for your family! I am excited with you. :-)

    1. Yeah, I think Bubby is averse to touching it whatsoever. He acted like it was gonna bite him as it rolled around in the seat next to him. He was trying to get away from it while seatbelted. lol

  2. That's awesome!!! Good job sharing, Beans! and good job saying thank you, Bubby!

  3. Amazing to get that realization that they are aware of other people, especially their siblings! Well done to all.

    1. It is! He actually kept trying to make Bubby take it before giving in, and setting it beside him in the seat. It was very purposeful.

  4. Thank you. I'm sitting on my train to work smiling. I know the feeling. May it be the start of many more surprises to come.

    1. :) Glad to bring a smile to your day! Thanks for dropping by, and commenting!

  5. Way to go Beans!! :-)And thank you for being such a good brother Bubby. :-)


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