Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Conversations With Bubby: Black and White Thinking

Conversation I had with Bubby last night:

You don't have anymore denim shorts clean, so you'll have to wear cloth shorts to school tomorrow, or deal with pants.
Him: Those are pajama shorts.
Me: They are basketball shorts and can be worn for pajamas or for out of the house.
Him: Those are my pajama shorts. I wear them for pajamas.
Me: Don't the other boys wear these exact same shorts to school?
Him: Yes, but those are my pajama shorts. I can't wear them to school.
Me: But, they can be both.  They really don't sell pajama shorts for boys.  Boys can wear athletic shorts for pajamas or for other things. Other boys wear them out of the house and for pajamas.
Him: Those are my pajama shorts. I wear those for pajamas.
Now he is getting flappy and making his ehhh-heeee hissy fit, meltdown coming noise.
Me: So, you're wearing pants to school?
Him: I guess!
Me: Well, let's pick things out for the morning, then. That way you can just get your clothes quickly in the morning without asking me to open the closet.
(Since Beans has been empyting out the whole closet several times a day and chewing holes into the clothes we decided to put a child lock on the closet door)
I lay his clothes out and start picking Bean's clothes for the next day.  Next thing I know, Bubby is right back next to me putting his clothes back in the closet!
Me:  What are you doing?
Him: Putting my clothes back.
Me: Why? I told you to leave them out for morning.
Him: That's not where they go. I don't want my clothes out.
Me: But, it's easier for everyone to have them out and ready.
Him: It's easy.  I will just get you to open my closet and then you can lock it when I'm done. See.  Easy.

I can clearly see that he is not going to allow me to leave his clothes anywhere but where they belong and this is a battle best left unfought. Rigid is a pretty good description for Bubby.  Of course, my husband reminded me of the holy fit I throw if someone even thinks about using the towels in an order that is not the way I intend for them to be used and I realized that I'm probably not much different in the whole rule bending area!


  1. This conversation could have very well happened in my house. :) R wears athletic shorts for PJ's too as well as he has another pair for around the house. HA!

    And of course it's easy for you to open the closet and lock it when he's done in the morning...what were you thinking?!?!? ;P

    1. I had a feeling other autism parents would be able to relate. It was a total Sheldon-like moment where I could just tell that there was not gonna be any way to explain to him that one kind of shorts can serve two different purposes.

  2. Love it!
    I think I've had this one....

  3. I was just going to type ... Lovie it! Hehe, sounds oh so familiar! :)

  4. This sounds like my brother! He has OCD, not Asperger's, but he does talk "rigid," and his particular behaviour drives me insane!


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