Sunday, December 11, 2011

First/Then Bathroom Schedule

This morning we had another little mishap with Bubby using almost a whole roll of toilet paper when using the bathroom, causing the toilet to get backed up.  I have tried lots of times to remind him and chat with him about what is the proper protocol in the bathroom for how much toilet paper to use, and even giving up on that and telling him to use wipes, but alas.... he still struggles.  So, I decided that I should make him a First/Then schedule like I had to with the shower.  I feel he is too old to have me hovering over him in private moments in the bathroom, as well as me being a helicopter mom does nothing to foster his independence. I thought that perhaps I would share the schedule with anyone that might like to use it as well.  This is not an uncommon issue in the autism world.  Feel free to download it if you can use it.

PS. The only reason that I put the first part on there about sitting is because he has a weird phobia of snakes somehow being in the toilet, so he hovers, thus making a mess. I think this has gotten better, but just in case I left that in there.

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  1. Social stories! We couldn't make it without them in our house (or in my 8-year-old Aspie's class). Your post really speaks to me because Alex wasn't fully potty-trained until he was 5, and also still uses diaper wipes. Oy, the times we've had a toilet back-up when he's forgotten and FLUSHED them! I believe I may borrow your First/Then Bathroom Schedule to laminate and hang on OUR wall.


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