Friday, December 9, 2011

Class work

Another meltdown happened today for Bubby due to being frustrated when he couldn't keep up with the class.  I'm not sure how to address this.  He IS much slower at doing his work than the rest of the class, but I also know that the teacher can't always just stop everyone from moving on so that he can catch up.  He tends to struggle with spelling due to not having much phonemic awareness (which is currently being addressed in with extra help in spelling) so he has to copy words letter for letter instead of from memory.  That slows him down considerably.  He is supposed to have a para available to him in the situations that it happens in the most, which is the only two classes he switches to another room for.  I'm not sure if he had a para assist him today , or not.  It's my opinion that he needs to leave the room until he can calm down if he feels a meltdown coming on.  He is supposed to request a break.  I know that this is the opposite of what most parents request (and the school staff has argued with me about it as well) but I feel he is way too old to be crying and carrying on in front of his peers.  If he can't get his meltdown under control almost as soon as he gets upset, then he needs to get some quiet time to himself, so that he can calm himself down with dignity.  I don't have many meltdowns where I get that upset and I had fewer than 5 the whole time I was in school, but I am a girl.  I tend to shutdown, before meltdown, but I have had it happen where I can't control my tirade of tears and barrage of insults and blubbering idiocy that comes spilling out.  Those moments are so full of pain, and desperate anxiety.  I would never want to be on public display, so it's my belief that my son should be afforded the dignity of getting his emotions under control in privacy.

We have another IEP meeting set up for next Thursday where we will be updating goals and I plan to bring this topic up, as well.  As I mentioned on the FB page his teacher does agree with me about the dyscalculia and agrees wholly that we should get him some extra help in the maths dept.  I love, love, love his teacher this year.  She is an older lady, old enough to have been my teacher, and so kind and knowledgeable.  She is the one that helped me to pursue CJ's testing for dyslexia.

I hope it all goes well.  I'll try to blog about the results of the IEP and what the team suggests we do about the issues of Bubby wanting the class not to leave him behind in worksheets.

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  1. My eldest is starting school early in the new year and we have a similar issue. He knows that when he feels a meltdown coming on, he should absent himself from the situation. I've let the school know this is what he does and they've agreed to go along with that. I think it is fair too that they be allowed to regain their composure in privacy by whatever means they are accustomed to.

    My boy also has some issues with language processing and I am aware of how that will impact on his ability to complete things in a timely fashion. He is able to do the work most of the time but just needs some extra time and space to think about it.

    Agreed too that a great and sympathetic teacher makes all the difference to child and parent.


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