Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just For Today....

I awoke today with my mood triggers being pulled all over the place.  Writing always helps me to clear out my head and gives me something tangible to look at and a point of focus instead of the twisted ball of unnamed mass inside my head of feelings thought and automatic beliefs that end up being me in the same old pattern in the same old place.


Just for today, I will not worry about what I ate yesterday, what I will eat tomorrow, and what I will eat on Thanksgiving.

Just for this moment, I will not weigh myself or think about what exercise I need to do, or want to do.

Just for this morning, I will not compare my looks to.... well anyone.

Just for this morning I will remember to breath.

Just for today, I will remember that these feelings of inadequacy are not me, don't define me, and will never lift me to where I want to be.

Just for today, I will find my inner diva and let her sing, if only off key and quietly.

Just for this moment I will be in quiet reminder that to feel different I have to be different, and to do that takes action. I can change my circumstances one second at a time, one minute, one hour, one day at a time.

Just for this hour I will remind myself of the compassion that I show others and remember to give a little of that back to myself.

Just for this day I will remember nothing is permanent, not this day, not these feelings and not this life. I will hold myself in each moment knowing it all will pass, remembering to choose what I pay attention to carefully. In the end, it's the compilation of what held our attention for all these moments that make our life.

Just for this moment, this hour, this day I will remember that the people I associate with, the words I use, the music I hear, the tv I watch, the sites I visit all make me Me. Influence and be influenced by love and compassion is what I want me to be about.


  1. Very good - I need to remember to do this myself. The inner critic is rarely silent but she needs to learn to shut up once in a while. =)

  2. Thanks! My inner critic is a loud mouth for sure, a big, bossy, mean spirited story teller. She's on notice!

  3. This is just fabulous... and very timely for me... I think it will be my "just for today" - for tomorrow!!(and maybe even longer) I am printing this one to put in the cover of my agenda!

  4. I almost deleted it. I thought maybe it was too out there and not relatable for others. I forget that the things we struggle with are often more universal than not. It's just we forget that and feel alone in our suffering. So, just for today... we can All remember to lift our attention to things that matter the most. Thanks for your comment!


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