Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Conversations With Bubby

My nine year old, mildly autistic son says the cutest and funniest things.  He is well known around his school by the teachers and staff for his little comments. I thought that posting his Bubby-isms would be a nice addition to my blog and share some of the happiness he brings to my life.

Yesterday while he was watching iCarly he came up to me and this conversation took place:

Bubby: Do you know what I would call a web channel  if I had one?
Me: No. What?
Bubby: The World's Cutest Bubby. I am cute aren't I?
Me: Yes. you are.

Also, last year whenever he didn't want to do something that the teachers asked him to do he would look at them straight faced and serious and say:
" Do you  really want to see a cute little boy cry?"  lol I don't think it ever got him out of any work, but it sure was funny.

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