Saturday, July 30, 2011

Physical Punishment Proven To Be Costly Longterm 

Still think that an ol fashioned whippin may be a good disciplinary tool?   You may want to rethink that stance as new evidence is supporting gentler methods for smarter kids.  Primarily, executive functioning and impulse control.  So, basically what that says to me is, the one thing you're trying to teach them (to behave better and be more responsible) by hitting them (and make no mistake that if you strike a child at ALL you ARE hitting them) is actually going to inhibit those impulses and behaviors on a mental level in the long term.  It looks like many parents are still in need of learning to use some new behavior strategies for themselves as they learn to respond to their children better.  School staff, as well. I do think corporal punishment is still legal in our state, but I've not seen it used, even when I was a child.

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