Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nurturing the Self of the Child with Asperger's

This article almost made me cry, as it's so true.  It's all too often that I make well intentioned social errors that seem to bar me further from others, which seems to even more serve to invalidate me as a person, as I can never really get that mirror of mine polished in a way that others can reflect back to me a positive image.  A part of being human is being validated by other humans in a way that they understand you, reflect you, and hear your frequency, but my frequency is rarely ever heard in full by others.  Leading to miscommunications and lost opportunities, further separating me from other people and reinforcing my social anxiety, because it's not really an irrational fear if it's actually happens.  It's so vitally important that we nurture autistic children's sense of self and validate it as not only real to them, but as acceptable to others.  We're not just a set of test scores and characteristics, but individuals.  Asperger's is a big part of that, but not the only part. 

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